What to Expect

Our goal is to come together to worship God in a meaningful way. We gather together in a casual atmosphere. We don't focus on what we wear, our focus is on developing a deeper more meaningful connection with God.

Our LifeCafe offers fresh coffee, fellowship and lots of times you'll find a pastry as well.

We sing contemporary & traditional songs designed to bring our hearts and minds to a state of readiness to hear The Word from the message.

We celebrate The Lord's Supper each week to remember the great gift God gave us through His Son, Jesus and His death on the cross.

We use media and video to enhance our worship experience. 

We offer classes for teens and children during our worship hour.

And a staffed nursery area for the little ones.

LifeStream shares a common heritage with about 5,000 churches worldwide known as the Christian Churches / Churches of Christ. The principle of this movement is to restore today's church life as dictated by the teachings of the New Testament.

Although we exist apart from any external authority or control, we do participate with other churches in many projects and programs that exalt Jesus Christ and spread the Gospel.